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This is our blog related to PMI-ACP training programs. Till date we have completed 9 workshops and produced 35 PMI-ACP participants in Andhra Pradesh and Telangana. This is more than 20% of overall PMI-ACP count in these 2 states.

In this post our participants can:

- Post their queries

- Share any useful information or material

- Announce their success stories

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  1. It has been a great experience with Learnovative for my PMI-ACP preparation. I am from October batch and completed my exam in two weeks. Thanks to Mr Vijay Bandaru for the great session.

    I have posted my inputs on preparation for PMI-ACP in the blog: http://indianspidy.wordpress.com/about/

    Please feel free to contact me in case of any questions.

    Wishing you good luck!

    • Narender Kandikonda says:

      Just an hour back I passed my ACP exam.

      First of all I would like to tell special Thanks to Vijay Bandaru for his constant follow ups on prepration and guidance on successful completion of my ACP certification.

      The questions I got are very tricky and confusing. There are very less straight questions like INVEST, Daily Stand-ups and XP. Unless you have sufficient knowledge on the concepts, we cannot answer correctly.

      The best source for the preparation is learnovative material and Mike Griffiths PMI-ACP preparation guide.
      I took full tests in learnovative site for around 10 to 15 times and reached to score 95% in full tests. It really helped me in gaining the confidence in passing the exam.

      Thanks once again Vijay :)


    Learnovative Material is very good and sufficient to pass ACP with in 3-4 weeks time.The material is covering all the books which are referenced by PMI.I am very impressed with the way the training is designed and it is so interactive.

    I gone through the material 5-6 times and taken some mock exams before appearing the exam and I succeeded.

    Thanks to Learnovative once again.

  3. Jagan says:

    —Cleared PMI-ACP on 2nd Dec 2013

    Learnovative material gave me a strong foundation on the Agile concepts and clarified all topics in detail. I started with the material and gave a final revision before attending the exam.

    Learnovative sample tests helped me to attend the mock tests on the final week before the exam. With the combination of all the information available with Learnovative anyone can confidently proceed with PMI-ACP.

  4. Suman says:

    “I passed my PMI-ACP exam yesterday, I am happy I chose Learnovative for PMI-ACP certification. The workshop by Mr.Vijay Bandaru is full of Agile concepts explained in simple & best manner and his mentoring & coaching tips helped me understand issues from practical perspective as well exam point of view. After training support is simply superb! ” The Learnovative course material is really a good companion for agile certification preparation. The mock tests from learnovative web site helped a lot in gauging my study and understand the exam pattern. Thanks once again to our trainer, coach and mentor Vijay bandaru.

  5. Dear Vijay bandaru

    I want to thank you for all you have taught me for PMI – ACP. The Agile knowledge and wisdom you have imparted upon me has been a great help and support throughout my career. I believe my success in clearing PMI ACP at least in part due to your sincere support and mentorship.
    You have been an excellent friend, teacher, mentor and a great inspiration for me. You know I was delaying this for long, you have inspired me to pursue this goals with hard work and dedication
    I truly appreciate and value everything I have learned from you.
    I really look forward to the day I can do the same for someone else.

    Thank you, once again, for your time, support and patience.

    My suggestion to others.
    - I have gone through Learnovative material and RMC material to pass the exam. Learnovative material is very close to what will be asked in exam. RMS is good from real time implementation perspective
    - I was totally dependent on Mock exam in Learnovative site to pass the exam. There is a vast amount of questions for good practice sessions.

  6. Krishna Joshi says:

    Hello Everyone,

    I passed the PMI ACP yesterday… and Phew…Its a good relief!

    Both the Vijays from Learnovtive were darn right! about suggesting to take the exam freshly after training! and thats what I would strongly recommend too. I was a part of the DEC-end workshop and wanted to take the exam by Week1 of Jan, but a work related travel creeped in and so, I had to shift gears to Prep for that. I got back by Jan end, resumed Prep and appeared for the exam y’day.
    And I must say, the Exercises Vijay B had in the workshop were very handy. They touched upon quite a few concepts and Agile practices (Scrum Boards, Grouping Cards together, Estimation, Iterative Designs, role plays, etc). Thanks Vijay!!!
    Again, it is best for us to bank on these recent memory flashes , prep for the exam and get done with it!

    Although unsolicited, here are a few tips for the Exam Prep.

    1. Get done with the Admin formalities first, like Submitting the Application, Having a Target date in mind ( I’d say 10-14 Days duration is very optimal; especially if you have worked on any Agile Projects before)
    2. Chalk out atleast a 2 Hour Window for going through the Material each day.
    3. When you know you have free cycle time at Work ( anything as small as 15 mins is fine too), Take the Sample Tests from the Learnovative Site
    4. When you’re 25% into the Material, Start taking the 25 Questions from teh Learnovaite Site and once you’re 50% done, start taking the 50 Questions’ set. Nothing Prepares you better than getting used to Taking the tests.
    5. if you have unfamiliar concepts, like ‘Lean’ was, to me, try making a distilled Summary of what it entails, when you read up the Material.
    6. Some Questions today asked where Scum and Lean were aligned in what their Principles . Similar Questions – about XP and Scrum. So, read carefully again – Its easiest to follow the Elimination techniques for such Q’s.
    And lastly, the journey needs your dedication , but the outcome makes you feel Awesome! I was thrilled when I saw a ‘Proficient’ Score in both areas! You can too, Just finish the Material once and Take the 10-25-50 Q & about 5-7 of those sets.

    Thanks Vijay Shivaji! You really live by Learnovative’s Value of “Customer Centricity”. From handing over Training Material ahead of the Workshop to help us get a Jump start, to making perfect logistic arrangements, your help is very much appreciated.

    And… I’d be shameless if I didn’t acknowledge our Trainer
    Vijay’s help. He is truly a Practicing Expert in Agile and had very creative exercises thought through, to make learning fun in the workshop. He also was available to answer questions during the prep-time, and provided the much needed motivation, to accomplish the Certification! Vijay, your help is very much appreciated!
    Good Luck everyone!


  7. Sairam Chamarti says:

    I would like to thank Vijay for the wonderful sessions that were conducted through Learnovative. The material that was given was good and gave me confidence to take the exam. THe mock test suite was very good and made me definitely lose the fear of taking the exam. Infact, many of these questions directly appeared in the exam.

    I would once again like to thank Vijay and the whole team of Learnovative who supported me and the follow-up done to ensure that I was comfortable enough to take the exam. Please keep up this good work.


    Please take more time to go through the Lean methodology. The exam that I took had a lot of questions on Lean.

    XP was another method that was very important and there were lot of questions.

    I think, going forward, you might want to give equal weightage to Lean, Scrum, and XP. Probably, also good list of books for Lean and XP.

  8. Phani Kumar Ganti says:

    My sincere thanks to Vijay Bandaru for assisting me all the while even when he was busy and Mr. Vijay for making me choose Learnovative.
    I have passed my ACP today and the only guide which I followed primarily is the ACP hand book that was given during workshop.
    I was part of the December work shop and took a while to finally appear for the exam for which I had only 12 days in hand to prepare from the date of scheduling.

    I completed the Learnovative ACP book and revised it once to before moving on to looking some XP, SCRUM and KANPAN related PPT material.
    The kind of questions I got today were quite obvious that you have to brush through almost all the concepts instead of relying on one framework.

    The questions were mainly related to Lean, Scrum, XP frameworks.
    There were quite number of them related to Reviews, Retrospection and Roles.
    Few of the questions surfaced from the EVM, Calculating velocity for an iteration, Burndown Charts, Risk Burndown chart.

    Be sure that you give atleast 5-10 tests comprising of 25 questions and 50 questions before you move on to giving full tests atleast twice.

    Thanks again to Team Learnovative for all the help and assistance.

  9. Melvin Devasia says:

    Thanks to Vijay Bandaru and Vijay Shivaji, for their training and guidance with completing my PMI-ACP certification.

    My preparation was based on the book provided by Learnovative and RMC, along with the online mock exams on Learnovative webisite.
    Would definitely recommend going through the Learnovative book at least twice and taking as many online exams as possible.

    I had to delay my exam due to couple of travel plans and my application getting shortlisted in the random audit process.
    Suggest you plan to give the exam within 3 weeks of your workshop. Preparation for 2-3 weeks with 2 hours per day, should be enough.

    Also suggest you initiate your PMI application process as soon as you complete the workshop, and carry the momentum forward for the next few weeks.

    The practical group exercises which were a part of the 3-day training, helped answer a lot of questions during the actual exam.
    The trainer Vijay is experienced and knowledgeable, he helped demystify Agile and made it simple for us to understand.

    In the exam, questions were mostly based on XP, Lean and Scrum; on the process, roles, techniques, communication, tools and scenarios.
    There were also questions on EVM, Risk Burndown Chart, Triangulation, Team Management, User Story , Planning and Estimation.
    These questions test your knowledge and ability to apply it correctly.

    There were few straight forward questions on INVEST,VCR, Agile Manifesto, principles and values; and 2 simple numericals on Velocity (you don’t need a calculator).

    Hope, this helps. Here’s wishing you Good Luck with your exams.

  10. Sreelatha P says:

    I would like to thank Learnovative for creating this crisp and effective training program.The classroom training,material and the practice tests helped me immensely to clear the exam.
    As you had rightly guided us,each topic has to be approached by the Why/What/When technique to give complete clarity.

    There were around 10 straight forward questions in the exam.Rest needed to be thought over ,as all the options given were similar and confusing.
    There were a lot of questions on User Stories and Release Planning.
    Questions on Scrum,XP and Lean methodologies were there.1-2 metric based simple questions were there..
    Hope this information helps others who are preparing for the exam.

  11. Ramana Devarakonda says:

    Hi all, I am from Dec 2013 ACP batch. Yesterday (07/07/14), I have successfully completed the exam. It was such a great relief…I tried to give the exam even early but somehow could not do that.
    My sincere thanks to Vijay Bandaru and Vijay Shivaji for making this happen. I just followed the material Vijay B provided and took as many mock exams as possible from Learnovative website.

    As I started my exam, I was getting mostly scenario based questions. Then few straight forward questions came. It would be such mix and match. I marked many questions for which there are misleading options. Once I completed all the questions, I revisited the marked ones and verified my answers.
    Also I took 2 small breaks in the middle of the exam, which helped me to concentrate again on the questions.

    All the concepts explained by Vijay during the training are very very useful.

    Wish you all the best!!

  12. Dear Friends,

    I have cleared my (PMI-ACP)SM examination on 3rd July, 2014 with “Proficient” grade in both the Domains. (Agile Tools and Techniques and Agile Knowledge and Skills). When it came to resources, I have taken Training from “Learnovative” under the guidance of Mr. Vijay Bandaru.

    Trust me or not, I just used study materials provided by him. No other books at all! The material provided by him was really helpful, The way he explains the content won’t let you down. I have polished my skills and talent to pass the exam as per his instructions during our three day training with the incredible course material provided by him.

    Before I join Learnovative , I was suffering enormously with preparation of so many Text books and nothing seemed to be of assistance at that time, It was then that material prepared by Vijay came to my facility and explanations and easy learning tricks during our three days training made me realize that it was not a big deal to clear the exam.

    PMI-ACP study materials are written by Vijay are with industry examples , Learnovative ‘S state of the art study material ensure that you understand all of the concepts necessary for taking PMI-ACP certification exam. He offers all study material absolutely free to members who join for training. He will not charge anything other than coaching fees.

    Learnovative ‘S sample “tests” are the best to cover and memorize all the important things in PMI-ACP certification exam. All the registered members of ttp://www.learnovative.com/ can avail sample tests facility.

    It had previously been used by many satisfied friends of mine and me. Additionally, my registration also enabled me to obtain all the latest questions and answers that were needed in order to keep me in communication with the most modern themes of questions and answers.

    It is a really assistive tool and will assist all the aspiring candidates to grab exceptional grades in PMI examinations. My hard work eventually paid off. You will always be remembered in my superior words and good wishes.

    Why do you want to take roundabout ways if there is a shortcut? I have cleared within 30 days from the date of completion of PMI-ACP Training from Learnovative. Trust me or not. Good luck to you all.

    Kind Regards,
    Dr.Ravi Surya Subrahmanyam PhD (Finance) |PMI-CAPM | |PMI-ACP | SAP Certified Associate FI | SAP Certified Associate CO|
    Senior Manager, SAP Solutions | Answerthink – A Hackett Group Company. Hyderabad.
    Mobile : +919989793535
    Email : fico_rss@yahoo.com

  13. Priyanka Mittal says:

    I have cleared my PMI-ACP certification on 26th September 2014.I took the training from Learnovative provided by Mr. Vijay Bandaru.
    It was fantastic and all the Agile values and principles were made very clear to us. This training make your basic foundtation string and clear your concepts about Agile and it’s different methodologies.

    They have provided two books and i went through only these books thoroughly. Took Sample tests regularly till i scored above 85% in full test.

    You need not go through any other material for ACP exam. Provided books along with training are sufficient enough.

    I took the exam in one stretch, marked confusing questions to take up at the end. Once completed all the questions, reviewed once again all of them. Finally Finished the test.

    Thanks once again for all the help and guidance provided by Vijay Bandaru.

    Wishing all the best!!!

  14. Venkata Ramjeevan Tamada says:

    I am glad to inform, today I cleared ACP exam today with flying colors. Stress relieved.

    i got proficient in Knowledge and skills and Moderately proficient in Tools and techniques.

    Thanks to Vijay Bandaru and Learnovative team
    I have taken training from learnovative during Sep 20th and 21st and 27th.
    coming to preparation
    It took me around 2 months for preparation for the exam. 3 hrs per day.

    i have gone thorough learnovative material and PMI ACP Exam prep guide.

    Sample testes provided in learnovative side is very much handy. aprox 20-30 questions appeared as it is..

    Start giving tests for 50 question set aprox 5-10 tests. then take full tests atleast 10 before appearing for main exam.it will boost you alot.

    Tips from Vijay very helpful.

    Main areas to concentrate

    SCRUM,XP,LEAN,One or 2 questions on DSDM.
    INEVST Principles,CRC Cards, Burn down Charts,Product Backlog,Release Planning, Risk management..

    Some scenario based questions on conflict resolution,daily scrum,planning poker games and affinity estimating..

    Overall its good experience in passing the exam.

    all the best

  15. Raghava Chinta says:

    Dear Friends,

    I am glad to inform that i have cleared PMI-ACP on 17 November 2014. Its my pleasure to be part of Learnovative family. I got excellent support from Vijay during my preparation. He has thoroughly reviewed my dashboard and suggested me the areas of improvement and exactly followed his instructions. Learnovative withstands their words to support us till you complete your certification. I had experienced the same. I am a December 2013 batch passed out and i appeared in November 2014, but still the care and respect from Vijay is really considerable even after 1 year in this commercial world.

    My preparation:
    I had prepared for almost two months(2 hours a day) and spent almost 4 hours on weekends. Material provided by Vijay covers everything. I also recommend to read PMI ACP Exam prep by RMC. Learnovative Practice tests really boost your confidence to peak levels. Vijay really helps you in reviewing your dashboard and identify your grey areas and notify you on further improvement steps. Please take Min of 10 (full tests) before you go to exam. Concentrate on Scrum, Lean, XP more.

    Last to say.. Thank you Vijay and Learnovative team for all your support. I am glad to be part of your group.

    All the best Friends. If you need any information, you can reach me on my email : raghava.joshi@gmail.com

    Thanks & Regards
    Raghava Chinta

  16. Sudha Rani Kondapalli says:

    Hi, I am from September 2014 PMI-ACP Workshop batch. I successfully completed my exam on 31-Dec-2014 with “Proficient” grade in both the domains: Knowledge & Skills and “Tools & Techniques”. I would like to thank Mr. Vijay Bandaru for his excellent guidance through Learnovative. The study material provided by Learnovative was of great help which helped me accomplishing the certification.

    There were lot of questions on XP, Scrum framework and few on Lean too. Mike Cohn’s “Agile Estimating and Planning” and Lyssa Adkin’s “Coaching Agile Teams” are a plus for preparing for the exam. Vijay pointed me out to go over these books which added value to the overall knowledge and also to understand the agile concepts in detail which laid a strong foundation in clearing the exam.

    The study material provided by learnovative and the simple teaching/coaching concepts by Mr. Vijay Bandaru played a vital role. The mock tests help you in a lot better way. I attempted around 10 – 15 which made me confident to appear for the exam.

    Trust me guys, questions are not simple or straight enough. But going through the material 3 – 4 times will help you answer tricky questions too.

    Thanks to Learnovative for putting together the concepts required for ACP in a much simpler way.

    All the best for folks pending on this certification yet.


  17. Satya Rama Chaitanya says:

    I have attended Vijay’s September PMI-ACP workshop in Sep 2014 and cleared my ACP certification on 26th January 2015.
    My sincere thanks to Mr.Vijay Bandaru for his tremendous support in succeeding this exam as well as clearing the ACP Application Audit Process.
    Referring Learnovative material and all 8 chapters of RITA MULCAHY made myself confident in concepts which helped me a lot in succeeding.

    Most of the questions are from Lean, XP, Agile, CRC Cards, Burn down Charts, Product Backlog, Release Planning and Risk management. Even I found nearly 10 questions from EVM(Earned Value management) as well.

    Vijay suggested me to go through Mike Cohn’s “Agile Estimating and Planning” and Lyssa Adkin’s “Coaching Agile Teams” which helped me in answering critical questions even though my examination was very tough.

    I prepared 2 weeks (3 hours per day) for this exam by going through above mentioned books as well as learnovative material at least for 2 times. I have taken nearly 5-8 mock exams from learnovative.

    Thanks to Learnovative for making ACP very simpler through Vijay’s training and material.
    Wishing you all the very best for all the folks who are planning for ACP certification in future.


  18. Vani Yasodhara says:

    I participated in the ACP-workshop during July. Though my idea was to take the exam early, I could not- due to several reasons. However, I continued reading now and then, and today, I am happy to announce that I cleared my ACP exam.
    The exam today, looked simple but it was very complicated. I am writing this only because it will be of great help for the takers now. The exam concentrated on Lean, XP and scrum methodologies. The question looked simple but the options were very difficult to arrive at.
    The additional material that was given during the work shop is very elaborate and it really helped in understanding the concepts.
    The model tests also helped in gaining confidence to take the exam.
    I know everybody is highly professional and nobody need to be taught about how to prepare. But, the seriousness comes only after paying the fees :-)

  19. I have cleared my PMI – ACP exam on 16th March 2015.
    First of all, I would like say thanks to Vijay Bandaru to his continuous support for my exam preparation. Really I started my preparation just few days before the exam date and covered the material twice and did 4 mock tests.
    I have completed exam in 1hrs 15mins and reassessed twice of the reviewed questions, I hope that helped a lot to me to clear the exam.
    Learnovative Material, Points highlighted by Vijay Bandaru will cover 20 to 30% questions in the exam.
    In the exam I got more questions from: XP, SCRUM, Lean and Agile planning
    Good luck to all and thanks once again to Vijay Bandaru for his continued support for my exam preparation.

  20. Utkarsh Dubey says:

    I attended Vijay’s PMI ACP training on 18th of Feb. and passed the PMI ACP exam on 18th March.

    First of all, a BIG thanks to Vijay for the excellent training session conducted for PMI ACP. I learnt a lot from that session. Along with the session, Vijay continued to support me throughout my preparation time with tips and suggestions.

    For my preparation, I started preparing on 1st March. I did following:
    1. Read ACP Exam Prep by Mike Griffith – once – for getting overall perspective on the exam course and learn about various topics.
    2. Read Learnovative Material – twice – esp. the back pages with important points.
    3. Gave all the FREE practice exams that I could find. In this I gave 9-10 full length exams on Learnovative website. I also found other websites and gave full length exams there too.

    All of above, esp. giving practice exams helped me master the exam topics and type of questions that I could get on the exam.

    With respect to the exam itself –
    1. The Prometric center has changed in Hyd. It is now in Kapil Towers – Gachibowli.
    2. The exam was fairly exhaustive and covered following key topics: SCRUM, XP, Lean, KanBan, Agile EVM, Risk Management, Agile Communications.

    My recommendation is that UNDERSTAND why agile is created and what the values + principles mean. These will guide you when you are unsure of the answer. I looked all questions from agile value and principle perspective.

    Good luck in your preparation and thanks again to Vijay for being an excellent trainer + friend during my PMI ACP journey.


    Hi folks, I have cleared my PMI-ACP exam on 14th April 2015. I am from Jan 2015 batch. I would to thank Mr. Vijay Bandaru very much. He has been very helpful in all the ways, right from the training to the application form, mocks tests, and clearing my doubts till the exam. Most importantly what I like about it that Mr. Vijay follows up continuously with all his students and ensures all of their doubts or impediments are cleared, keeps boosting all of them. Also he creates a group for the students based on the batches which creates a platform for us to constantly keep engaged and have brain storming.

    The way in which Mr. Vijay teaches is really very intuitive, if you pay attention to all topics covered by him half of your job is done. I did the same. And after the classes I really couldn’t get time. I started my preparation just a week before the exam, went through the material provided by Learnovative and also practiced their mock tests (These were major help). Also covered the reference books for preparation.

    I’ve completed the exam in 1hr and then revised for 2 times again. Questions seem to be simple, but all the four answers provided would be true, we need to give logical reasoning and arrive at the best solution.

    Good luck to my fellow Learnovative students and thanks again to Mr. Vijay Bandaru for his excellent support.

  22. Narender Kandikonda says:

    Just an hour back I passed my ACP exam.

    First of all I would like to tell special Thanks to Vijay Bandaru for his constant follow ups on prepration and guidance on successful completion of my ACP certification.

    The questions I got are very tricky and confusing. There are very less straight questions like INVEST, Daily Stand-ups and XP. Unless you have sufficient knowledge on the concepts, we cannot answer correctly.

    The best source for the preparation is learnovative material and Mike Griffiths PMI-ACP preparation guide.
    I took full tests in learnovative site for around 10 to 15 times and reached to score 95% in full tests. It really helped me in gaining the confidence in passing the exam.

    Thanks once again Vijay :)

  23. Sarita Sharan says:

    I would like to thank Mr. Vijay Bandaru for the excellent training on Agile ACP track and providing very useful reference material in the form of tips and mock test suite. I had taken the training from Learnovative on 18-20th Feb 2015 and passed the test on 26th May 2015. I sincerely prepared for the test for about a week and took the mock test available on Learnovative site. As I am currently practicing Agile methodology for our projects, so I had some awareness of the basic concepts.
    Regarding reference material, I would suggest reading in the following order:

    1) ACP Exam Prep by Mike Griffith : this book helps you grasp the Agile concepts.
    2) ACP reference material provided by Learnovative, which presents the topics in an easy-to-remember way.
    3) Mock tests are very useful. They reveal misconceptions and any flaws in understanding.
    In the PMI-ACP test, I found lot of questions were from XP, SCRUM, Agile Team Collaboration and communication, EVM, and Strategies on assessing a project value.
    Apart from the training, Vijay has been approachable for any queries post-training also. A BIG Thank you, Vijay, for your support!

  24. Vijaya Kumar Kakumanu says:

    I Cleared PMI – ACP. My sincere thanks to Vijay Bandaru for his extended support.

    Mock tests are too useful.
    My suggestion is to practice as maximum mock tests as possible , before giving exam.

  25. Jagadeesh Vasanthada says:

    I attended PMI-ACP training at Learnovative in September 2015. After the training I prepared for the exam using the material and practice tests provided by Learnovative. Trainer Vijay has supported during my preparation for the exam. I gave my exam in the new format and I felt it was difficult than the practice tests. My result was not given immediately and I had to wait until 22nd October to know my result. The moment I got my result email I was like flying in the air.

    Vijay: “This was the BEST training I’ve ever attended throughout my Career !!!! Your materials, resources, and knowledge are life-changing!”

    I’m proud to say that I’m Learnovative’ian.

    I also refer Learnovative for their project management and Agile needs. They don’t just train you but they shape your career through their experiential knowledge sharing and continued support.

  26. Santosh Kumar Thiruvanagiri says:

    Successfully passed my PMI-ACP exam on 26th Oct 2015. A big thanks to Mr.Vijay Bandaru for the 3day workshop that happened in 1st week of Sep 2015. Workshop was excellent learning curve for me and more than 70% of the exam questions can be answered just by being attentive in his training. Training manual provided by Vijay bandaru along with Mike Griffith’s ACP prep book are powerful weapons in passing the exam. Vijay’s support continues even after the training session and I would recommend Learnovative to my friends.

    Coming to my preparation schedule, 3day training completed on 12th Sep 2015 and I started reading Learnovative manual the very next day. Finished one full reading in 2 weeks time(Daily 1 or 2 hours). After that it took me another 2 weeks to finish reading Mike Griffith’s ACP exam prep book. I prepared my own notes to refer just before the exam day. In between I have taken sample tests(50 questions each) from Learnovative website. After finishing 2 books, I started taking full 120 questions tests on the website. Took nearly 10 full tests and my score was above 90% on an average. Also, I have taken some free PMI-ACP tests on different websites.

    On the exam day I was confident enough that I could crack it but was little nervous. On the exam day morning I didn’t study anything and went directly to test center 1 hour ahead of my scheduled time. Regarding exam, 90% of the questions were scenario based and I could hardly find 5-10 straight forward questions. After the revised exam pattern(effective from Aug 2015), it tests your knowledge & skills on Agile principles rather than your memory. For every questions there were 2 wrong answers which I could eliminate right away and choose between the 2 possible correct answers by applying agile values & principles to the scenario given. There were no calculation based questions at all & Couple of questions were on burndown charts.

    To crack the exam, it’s better to understand thoroughly the agile values & principles rather than memorizing definitions, formula’s etc. Once again special thanks to Mr.Vijay Bandaru for his excellent training and constant support after the training by giving useful tips & clearing doubts promptly.

  27. Suresh Konduru says:

    I passed the PMI-ACP certification successfully on Nov 16th 2015. Thanks to Vijay Bandaru for his excellent workshop and deep knowledge and expertise on Agile. And I should mention that he provided continuous support right from workshop till the day I have written the exam.

    Though my exam is as per the revised syllabus post July’15, the study material provided by Learnovative is very much relevant, and is largely helpful for my preparation.

    My plan for preparation is: I went thru the Learnovative guide twice – once a quick read and the second time was a detailed read. Also during the last two weeks, I have given many sample tests available on Learnovative website and other websites.

    I should say the exam truly tested Agile mindset and thinking. Most of the questions are scenario based limiting to Agile basics, Scrum roles and ceremonies. And you will be stuck between two responses which seem to be right. So choosing one from the two is the trickiest part.

    I wish all the best for Learnovative and for all of you.

  28. Chaitanya M says:

    Cleared the exam today. Vijay was very supportive and reminded me to take the exam as i attended the workshop an year ago.

    Exam questions were mainly scenario based and completely different from practice questions i took from learnovative and other sites.

    Learn the agile concepts good(learnovative material and RMC exam prep) and use the practical knowledge you gained in the projects, i think exam should be easy to clear then.

    All the best for everyone.

  29. Jayavalli Vadrevu says:

    I passed my PMI-ACP certification yesterday (18th March 2016). Thanks Vijay for the 3 days Agile workshop. The way you explained the concepts in such a smiple manner, helped me to remember them really well. I am sure, if we concentrate during the workshop and follow the plan you provide for the preparation after the workshop, it is easy to crack the exam.

    Last but not the least, I would like to thank my bestie, LAKSHMI PRATHA HARI who referred me to Learnovative. Though i had paln to do my ACP certification in first half of 2015, I was postponing it for various reasons. Without her inspiration and motivation I wouldn’t have approached Learnovative and wouldn’t have achieved this.

    Here is my preparation plan:

    Honestly speaking, I studied only for 10 days for 4 – 6 hours.

    1. Read Learnovative training material twice.

    2. Took one full mock test on Learnovative website.

    3. Read ” How to pass your PMI ACP in first Try” by Ande Crowe once.

    4. Took 2 100 questions mock tests provided in the Ande Crowe test.

    5. Attended the exam. It took 1 hour 45 minutes for me to complete the exam (all 120 questions). Took a break for 15 minutes and came back to complete my exam. I marked around 36 questions for review. Took 30 minutes to review the questions that I have marked for “Review”. I was doing it now very leisurely as I had lot of time in hand. Finally after sitting for two and half hours, I didn’t have patience to sit anymore and pressed the “End Exam” button on the screen…. Voila!!! I passed. I was proficient in 5 domains out of 7 and Moderately Proficient in 2.

    Now about the exam:

    1. Be confident. There are no rocket science questions.

    2. Most of the questions are scenario based and will test your practical knowledge and your belief in Agile Principles.

    3. Having thorough knowledge on Roles of the Product Owner/ Scrum Master/ Scrum Team/Customer (XP)/Coach and Agile Practitioner is very important. Most of the questions that I had were on the roles.

    4. Most of the questions, if you go by process of elimination, you will end up with two choices where you will have to apply your knowledge on Agile. Please unlearn what you have been doing in your organization as we tend to tailor some of the processes based on the organization culture. ACP doesn’t test your experience, it tests your knowledge and your belief in Agile Principles.

    5. Some of the questions were on Problem solving/ Conflict resolution.

    This is what I remember.

    All the best to everyone who is planning to go for certification. This is surely easy than PMP exam.


  30. Karuna Kuchi says:

    If you are passionate about your PMI-ACP certification, training at Learnovative is the ONLY BEST Solution…Vijay’s involvement in giving best training is just awesome.

  31. Srilatha Tangella says:

    yesterday I successfully completed the PMI-ACP certification. What a relief. I felt so happy to see the statement “Congratulations… ” at the End of Exam. First my sincere thanks to Vijay. I learnt a lot from his workshop not just content of ACP, his discipline, dedication, commitment and above all patience inspired me.

    My success story to exam, well!, exam is not easy. It’s not hard but.. Questions were tricky. questions will test your knowledge.
    There are no straight forward questions. 50% of questions I answered by eliminating the wrong answers.

    Below was my preparation plan.
    1. Attended Workshop in Sep 2016.
    2. I used to study a bit only on weekends in the month of OCt and Nov.
    3. I became serious in December but only 10 days I dedicated 4-5 hours and could not continue and spend time due to personal commitments. My serious preparation or actual happened in Jan
    4. I used to take Sample tests, 10, 25 from learnovative, whenever I find time in office.
    5. I switched to Mike Griffith exam prep,
    6. I took a Full test, got 72% first time. But was less confident. so I used to take tests in learnovative multiple times, depending on the time available, take 10, 25 , 50
    7. Additional Material provided as Appendix in learnovative book is very helpful.
    8. We need to be thorough on Roles of Scrum master and Project manager.

    Questions I got were situation based and test on Agile project manager/lead/practitioner role

    If I summarise the whole preparation plan, Because I had multiple breaks periods in between it took 2 months But 1 month serious preparation would be enough only if you are serious that you can spend 4 hours a day.

    All the best.

  32. Sanjeev says:

    I have cleared PMI-ACP exam last week. I would like to thank Learnovative for efficient coaching and thought of sharing my experience with exam preparation and training that may help others aspiring ACP.
    The exam had all scenario based questions, describing one scenario and asks what would you do if you are playing a certain role like scrum master, product owner or team member. And it had some questions on charts and asking what that represents.
    My preparation included reading Learnovative ACP material twice and one round of Mike Griffith book. It took 4 weeks with consistent reading time 3 hrs every day.Took several sample exams on learnovative web site and got consistent 80% that helped me to gain confidence to attempt the exam.
    I would like to Thank Mr.Vijay Bandaru for the workshop that had enlightened my approach towards agile and provided clear understanding of Agile concepts. The Learnovative ACP material is really a very good knowledge bank for agile concepts and certification. ”

    Good luck.

    Sanjeev N.

  33. Purnima says:

    Hi All,

    I cleared my PMI -ACP exam on 23rd OCT. the exam pattern was so tricky and not even a single question on concepts / formula/ methodology/ definitions. Only with the help of deep Understanding of concepts and mr.vijay’s practical sessions, I cleared my certification. I feel that it will be great if learnovative can update their sample texts by simulating real exam questions.


  34. Subramani Ramakrishnan says:

    I passed my PMI-ACP exam on December 18th 2017. Vijay Bandaru is a detailed trainer with high amount of hands-on experience. He blends his practical experience with the training content which helps anyone to understand the agile concepts better.

    I am also a big fan of his games and exercises in the training which helped me to get more hands on experience.

    Learnovative training is a simple and powerful agile handbook which covers almost the content of the exam. I read learnovative material and Mike Griffith book twice + as many mock exams available in learnovative & other sources. My overall score was above Target and Thanks to Vijay Bandaru for that.

  35. Sharat Aryasomayajula says:

    Hi ACP Aspirants,

    A Very Happy New Year to you all.

    On Dec 22nd I cleared my ACP exam with Above Target score. Reading previous blogs I knew not many may be interested in reading long stories so I decided to divide these into sections so readers can filter based on their particular interest.

    Though my preparation was good, I was not confident enough so I thought of postponing the exam but I thought of Agile principle, “FAIL FAST” and didn’t want to take pressure further so gave a shot for the date booked and it happened.

    Learning material
    I haven’t read any book other than learnovative material.

    I got youtube training videos of another institute from my friend. During office hours when found time I listened to them. Almost the videos are same as Learnovative material. There is no additional concept or detail which is not convered in Learnovative.

    I downloaded sixth edition of pmbok guide. It is an 890 pages pdf which for sure I knew I will not be able to read. There is a new section in this guide for Agile. It is an 80 page which I gave a quick one read.

    Serious preparation lasted only a month on an average of 3 hours on a normal day and effectively on 2 weekends.

    In short
    Primarly Learnovative hardcopy.
    Other training institute youtube videos.

    Exam answering Strategy
    After marking few questions as Mark, I decided not to use that option further instead to go with Incomplete option. Advantage is there is no additional click required on the Mark button. I kept striking off wrong options using right click option and proceeded to mark asnwers that I am 100% sure. In the end there were some 40 incomplete questions and 1 hour of time. Though the number scared, looking at the question, already 2 of them are striked off so I choose one from the remaining however I made sure to read the striked ones too to make sure they are wrong choices.

    Couple of times I looked at the timer but I thought of burndown concept. On an average it took 1 minute per question. I was at 45th question when the timer showed 50 minutes as completed. I was spending few extra seconds for some questions but it didn’t matter as I was moving less than a minute for some questions which are straight and simple.

    In short
    Using elimination and Incomplete option.

    Vague questions from my poor memory

    Q) During release planning team noticed that ROI is negative. What is the corrective action?

    Q) It is found that due to one technical writer, velocity of the team is getting reduced. What action
    Answers Options
    A) Replace the team member
    B) Send him for technical training
    C) Team together share

    Q) Team is in process of forming to storming and two team members have conflict in their work cultures.

    Q) There are a traditional management team and agile team which are individually performing

    Q) There is a globally distributed technical team, what is the best way to have them communicated?
    Answer Options
    A) Video conference with customer and team.
    B) Kick off meeting in an audio conference between teams
    C) One on one with each individual

    Q) There is a senior member in the team who thinks he is under utilized? What is the best

    Q) It’s already 5 years, the project is stable and has no impediments. As customer how do you wnat to use Scrum master role further?

    Q) A technical team lead thinks that manual testing should not be done by him and this is something junior members should do. Juniors think it is not fair to ask them only to do such manual work. How do you resolve the conflict?

    Story A 4
    Story B 5
    Story C 7
    Story D 9
    Story E 5
    Story F 1

    Velocity of team is 10 story point per iterations. How many iterations it will take for the team to finish all story points?
    A) 3
    B) 4
    C) 5
    D) 6

    Q) During sprint team realized that they have overestimated velocity. What should they do?
    A) As team has committed they need to work overtime for this sprint and finish.
    B) Escalate to customer.
    C) Discuss with product owner and repriotize the backlog.

    Q) Below are few answers but I don’t remember exact question


    Value Stream Mapping

    Story Mapping

    Value prioritization technique using MoSCoW.


    Almost 15 questions are “As agile practitioner what will you do”

    Vote of Thanks
    Obviously first and foremost to Vijay for quality training, material and practice exams. My better half for preparing notes, I am surprised with no knowledge on subject prepared the material so well. My friend Santosh who completed his ACP and invested the seed. My ex-colleague Sanjeev (Coincidently learnovative batchmate too) who shared his experience and notes. Srinivas who showed Kanban charts, Scrum process on JIRA tool.

    All the very best.


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